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Suppressed Medical Science

This book lays the foundation for the Rush Amendment.

It documents the reasons, the arguments, the crimes, and the logic why Americans need The Rush Amendment. Releasing suppressed medical sciences is the key to Lowering Cost and Raising the Quality of Medical Care in America!

Jack asks?

Do we really need the $2 trillion medical care system that our political leaders intend to force us to pay for? Medicine at the point of a gun!

Find out how America’s good quality, inexpensive medical care system of 1900 evolved into the most expensive, poor quality medical care system in the world in 2000. (Note: We have EXCELLENT Emergency Care.)

Find out how advances in medical science were deliberately suppressed to maintain and increase monopoly profits.

Learn how the voices of eminent medical scientists were drowned out by propaganda of the medical establishment, ably assisted by allies in government. Frame-ups, prison, bankruptcy, exile or worse for those who actually healed.

Jack Phillips, a retired scientist, author and 94 year old grandfather, concerned about the future health and wellbeing of our grandchildren and the future of our country, reports the results of his years of research on the development of medical technology in SUPPRESSED MEDICAL SCIENCE.
JACK PHILLIPS – 9 April 2011

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